Rubi Dubman is a Portuguese artist, singer and Dub Mystic producer that presents a spiritual message with an ethnic and deep sound. Rubi mixes acoustic instruments and electric ones, with modern groove boxes, creating a mix of high technology and roots. In 2019, he partnered with a band named The Dub Dealers, and they are working together now producing new tracks.



Ruben Silva, better known as Rubi Dubman, was born in 1986 in a small town called Figueira da Foz, in Portugal. At age 8 e started to study drums and percussion at Conservatório Davide de Sousa (music school), but he already was playing since age 6 with a band in his neighbor’s garage. At 15, he started his rap and hip hop career as a singer and producer, releasing is first EP in 2003. But only at 19 he started performing in beach clubs, bars and stages. He always worked hard in audio production, everyday searching for more knowledge sharing and acquiring experience, and keeping up with performances opportunities.

 In his 20 years as an artist, he produced major hip hop, punk rock, house, kuduro, electro, dubstep, trance, trap, dub and reggae hits. In 2011, he graduated in Music Production and Creation at ETIC school, in Lisboa. He was part of the reggae band Bong Belly Pickney, with whom he performed all over the country, including at reggae festival Sumol Summer Fest.







He loves Midnite, specially “True King” – the song that changed his life, inspiring him to share a message of balance and respect. Now, he is presenting a new project, with a new name for himself. Rubi Dubman explains: “I’m focused on Dub. In each song, I bring a spiritual vibe to it, and a growth from the roots to the macro cosmos. When I perform it’s not just a concert, but an inner trip, to relax in a hypnotic reggae. I want to leave in each other heart and mind that peace and love need to be remembered. For that, we need to water the seed of consciousness, this is the solid base of my work and the message I want to spread.”


A lot of us believe meditation means to fall apart from the world and the system where we live. Rubi Dubman says: “Throughout my life I’ve been studying the sound with much love and passion. By doing it I was able to conclude that everything is vibration and all things are connected to each other, otherwise the sound couldn’t spread. Therefore, the system itself is a part of us, and if we abandone it we will not contribute to a good vibration. I’ve been learning that if we want to live in harmony we need to be present and conscious in everything we do. This is a process that takes time, and we need freedom to evolve naturally. Freedom is one of the main laws of the Universe, and my mission is to fight for that freedom. A master doesn’t abandone the people when they’re lost, cause that is the moment they most need the master… As I’ve learned with my biological father: Truth has 2 bases: the fact and the logic. Following these bases, it is a fact that system is lost and it is logic that if we get away from it we’ll not contribute to better times. Christoph André said that meditating is doing everything with full awareness; Bob Marley said we are one; Haile Selassie fought for that principle; Vaughn Benjamin said everything will be fine if we love and live right; George Floyd gave his life for peace. And I say that living right begins by loving each other, and only when doing it we can reach the main law of the Universe – the law that says we are one. That’s why we call it (UNI)verse. This is my mission.”




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